Monday, April 7, 2008


Hey Everyone!

How are you guys doing?


Things are going well! My knee hurts pretty dang bad, but it’s getting better. We had an okay week, we taught 16 lessons which is pretty good because I couldn’t really ride my bike because my knee but we made it do!

I am kinda bummed about leaving, I love being with Elder Motua. He is so tight! But it happens, part of the mission! At least I get a car now, which will be nice. I wont be sweating my butt off all the time!
I don’t know were I am going to go, I find out tomorrow where I’ll go, I think he will keep me close around here so I can get my knee better and keep going to this doctor but I don’t know, WE WILL SEE! Who knows, he could put me up on campus on OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be way tight, it would be cool to teach people my age but we will see!

Church was good! It was fast Sunday and I was thinking the whole time should I get up and bare my testimony but didn’t! So the last hour was combined with everyone so the whole church and Bishop come over and says why didn’t you bare your testimony, I say I almost did, I was thinking about it! He said well you should of! So he goes, be ready, haha! So he called me up in the last hour to bare my testimony so that was cool. I am really glad I got to! The church is true! I know it is!!!!! I am doing well, hanging in! My knee and body hurts but it’s all good!

My new bike is so nice, I really haven’t got to ride it much but it’s nice! Better than the Scott, that is for sure! I love ya’ll, thanks for all the prayers and support! I am so glad I don’t have to come home!
We have 2 people committed for baptism but they didn’t show up to church so we have to move it back, and we have 2 other we are trying to commit, so hopefully it will happen!

I love you guys!

Whit and Ash - I am so glad my princess got to come up to Boise and hang out with ya’ll! Sounds like ya’ll had a ton of fun!

Paul - Thanks for telling everyone she is your sister in law!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO TIGHT!

Brittany - My Princess, I love you! You are amazing. I miss you so much but I know we can do this! Thanks for all your love and support, you are amazing! Miss and love you! Hugs and kisses!

Dad - hope all is well glad to hear you are doing well! Ash should of sent you that stuff I want from Eastbay. Could you order that please!?! Love you and miss ya.

Thanks everyone!


Hey everyone-

Hope all ya’ll had a good Easter! Mine was good! Church was good and we had a dang good dinner over at the wards house!
This past week was the best week I have had ever out here! We taught 25 lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it! We got 9 new investigators! And it was a bomb week! They Zone Leaders and APs called and said that those are some of the best numbers they have seen and that we worked the hardest in the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is such a great feeling! I love being out here! I love serving and it’s amazing!
On that note, I got some of the worst news yesterday! My knee popped out on Saturday BAD!!!!!!! Real bad! The worst it has been! And it was killing me so I called and told president and I went and got a MRI. I tore my ACL and have a slight tear in my MCL. I have to have surgery and they are going to take a muscle out of my foot and put it in my knee and then put 2 screws in my knee cap! So I think that I am coming home to get it done! I am so UPSET! I have been crying for the last 24 hours about it! My knee is messed up! I am in SO MUCH PAIN! The worst pain ever.

I am meeting the President Gee today to see what we gotta do and get everything figured out!

Love you all,
Elder Burnett


WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it’s p-day!!!! It’s been raining for the past 2 days, it stopped for a little while yesterday! But been raining all night and still is!
Things are going well, we had a good week, kinda crazy. just a lot of stuff to do! We had a good week though! We got 5 new investigators to teach so we are excited about that and being able to teach new people! This week is going to be crazy! We taught 16 lessons last week which is good! But this week we set our goals to teach 25!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY! It has never been done in our area for like 3 years. We were looking through the book but its all good! So we are way excited and going to get it! We will teach 25, I Promise you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had interviews with Pres. Gee yesterday. It was okay but didn’t really want to go the way I wanted but its all good! I just have to humble myself and be molded the missionary the Lord wants me to be! The whole mission is switching to cell phones which is cool! It will be nice because now for real we can spend all day out and not have to come back to the APTs to see who called and for out meetings and stuff so it will be nice!

At church Sunday we got to teach Primary! It was so much fun!!!! The little kids our so cute! So now they all love us! It so cute! We got to teach them about the BofM and J.S. so we had a lot of fun doing that!

I am trying to think what else is going on, nothing really I mean stuff is good but it just pretty much all the same! Oh I got to give 4 blessing this week! So Elder Motua and me have a thing. Here we switch off every other blessing! But I have had to do the last 4!! Haha. Because we always ask so who would you like and we switch asking because usually they say ask you just do it (to whoever ask) So we have been asking and I have gotten asked to the past 4 times! It’s good though! It’s amazing to see the priesthood and the power that it holds!

Things are going well with Roy! He loves us! He came to church again so he has come 3 weeks in a row and really likes it! He is not sure about the date about getting baptized but we are working with him! Also we meet a family and they are doing really well!

Sunday we had to pull a double dinner! Because we had one at 4 and then at 6! Because a member had us over at 4, and then an investigator had us over at 6!!! And they always try to feed us as much as we can! But Seriously I thought I was going to puke everywhere! They we had a 3mile walk home and I seriously almost went poor in my pants!!!!!!! ITS NOT FUNNY, SO WHOEVER IS LAUGHING IT SUCKED!! (Britt I was doing my run haha) But I was running home for the last like 1/2 mile! IT WAS A CLOSE ONE!! BUT I made it hahahah! Joys of a mission! You just gotta laugh and love it! So yea it’s good!

I have read all the way through the BofM and D&C and started the New Testament and the PofGP! So its all good! I am so excited for Easter!! It is an amazing time of year! Did you know the Ensign took 2 years to put together for this Easter! Crazy I was reading about it in the Church news! Its crazy but so good! One of the best ones I have read! I Know the church is true! I know that it’s the only thing that can bring people real happiness!! It’s amazing to see how it changes people’s lives! I am so thankful for my Savior, and all the things that he has done for me so I can return to my Father In Heaven! I have a very strong testimony about the power of prayer! It’s so comforting to get answers to prayers! The Lord really is watching over me and is helping me! I know mom is to! I miss her so dang much! It breaks my heart, really it does, to know that my kids will never know her and that they will never know my Mother! I am so thankful for all I have been given! I am a very blessed and lucky kid! I have been given way too much! I am grateful for my family and all they have done for me and helped me along the way! For my dad, always helping me and letting me choose for myself what I wanted to do, and let me fall, but was always their to pick me up! I am so thankful for my sisters and all they have done for me! I am thankful for my nephews, and I love them so much and so glad that I can be an example for them. I am thankful for my friends, all along the way, who stuck by my side and loved me and helped me! I am so thankful for Brittany and the love that she gives me! For helping me through the hardest time in my entire life, she was there to help me and love me! I know that my Savior put her in my life for a reason and that is because I would be so lost without her and would not be out here today serving if it were not For "My Brittany!" I love you sweetheart! Justin Thompson! I love you more than anything man! I pray for you everyday! You were always by my side and never gave up on me! You are amazing man! I love you man!!!!!!!!! I love you all! The church is true! Do what is right and the Lord will bless you! I miss you all, but I know this is where I need to be and the Lord needs me to help my brothers and sisters!
You are all in my prayers.

Elder Burnett


Hey Everyone-

Things are going well here! BUSY!!!!!! SO BUSY!!!!!!! But it’s going well! We are working hard and enjoying the work! This past week was good! We had some meetings on Thursday because they had Zone leaders conference on Wednesday so all the district leaders had to go and since Motua is DL, I got to go too! It was good, LONG!! 3 1/2 hours but good! Then we had District meetings on Friday, I had to give an eight minute talk, and the ZL were at it and so were the AP's, so it was good! Then Friday I went up to Yukon on exchanges with Elder Starnes, he is the ZL. It was good, he is kind of weird and bugs me sometimes but it’s part of a mission. We are all out here to serve Lord and to figure it out together!

We are working with Roy still. We went over to his house last night and talked a lot about baptism. He wants to but is not sure of a date yet so we will hopefully set one this week!

Sunday was good, long, but good! We are working with a part member family trying to get the kids to come to church but it’s not working, so we don’t know what to do!

The church is true, its amazing to see how it changes peoples lives and how so many people have no idea how much peace and joy it will bring to their lives!

We are working our hardest to serve! The main thing for us we talked about is that at the end of the day, when we come home, we want to feel that we have handed our days over to the Lord, say we did our best and that we gave it our all, no matter what! It is a great feeling knowing that I am giving it my all. It does not matter if we teach 5 lessons or 1, just as long as we are working our hardest!
The mission is HARD!! NO DOUBT about it! It’s hard, but I can tell I have changed and I can recognize that the Lord is helping others find joy too! The Lord is blessing us and helping us find and teach. We are doing are best!

I am up to 220. I put on 10 lbs but I have been working out A LOT. I have been riding my bike and walking, so I think it is 10 good lbs! I think this is the best shape I have been in since high school, kinda tight! I am getting pretty cut and Jimmy is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!! Finally! haha!

But all is well here! I miss you guys tons but I know the Lord will bless me and my family for serving him! I am so grateful for the Church! IT’S True!! IT’S the only TRUE church on the earth! It’s funny out here because everyone always says, " Yes, I have been baptized." And we say, “NO, YOU HAVE NOT!!” And some people get mad and some people listen. We explain that they do not have the authority of God to do it! You have to be bold and just tell it how it is! And my personality is like that, so it’s good! I am starting to love this mission!

Elder Motua and I are having fun! I am so lucky to have him as my companion! He goes home in three months! Britt, he is excited to meet you and says you better come to his homecoming!!
But for real, we work great together and we are having fun serving!

I love you all!! Do what is right and the Lord will bless you!

Britt - I love you to death! You are such a sweetheart!

Ash - You are amazing! I am glad you had a good week with rich!

Whit - Sounds like you are keeping busy with the boys and Paul!

Dad - Hope all is well, sounds like you are doing well and are happy!

Love you and miss you guys!

Elder Taylor Burnett

3/4/08: What’s up!

Hey Everyone!!

How are ya’ll doing? Hope all is well!!! Things are going well here! I am glad it’s p-day! I am so tired and my body needs a break! This past week went well!! We taught six lessons on Thursday, so that was way cool! We were very excited about that! We had four baptisms but they have not been coming to church so that kinda stinks!!! So we have to move two of them back! We had two who were committed, and they didn’t come to church on Sunday. They promised that they were going to but NO! So we went over to their house on Sunday and this guy answers, and says, "Yes, I am a preacher from so and so Baptist church and I wanted to let you know the Curtis became members of our church and they will not be attending yours!" OH I WAS SO MAD!!!! OH, I wanted to knock the guy in the face!!!!! So THAT STINKS!!! NO GOOD!!! BUT IT’S OKAY!! We did out best and it’s not their time to join so we did all we could! They were the coolest older couple, but it’s all good!!!!

On Sunday night a tornado hit!!! CRAZY!! The alarms went off and all this stuff!!! I WAS FREAKING OUT, HAHA! But it hit on the other side of town but the RAIN WAS SO, SO, SO, SO, SO BAD!! The hardest I have ever seen it rain was the other night, CRAZY!!! It was so cold yesterday but today it’s 50 so that is nice!

We got this new Investigators!! SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! His name is Roy!!!!!!! He use to work at Four Seasons in Los Colinas. His best friend is Byron Nelson!! The PGA golfer!! He has so much stuff signed by him; he said he is going to give us some!!! TIGHT HUH!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came to church on Sunday and REALLY LIKED IT!! He is 70 and was married for 27 years and his wife divorced him 2 years ago and has been going through a really, REALLY HARD TIME!! But he said that on Sunday after church is the happiest he has been in two years and he is so happy that we are helping him!!!! SO we are hoping things will keep going well with him! WE LOVE HIM!!! He is so tight!
So things are going well!

Yesterday, I was sick and had a fever of 102 and felt LIKE POO!!!!!!!! But it’s all good! I feel a little better today and everything is GREAT!!!!
SO we are just doing all we can! We have dinner every night this week, the ward is really starting to like us and can tell we are working hard so they are always calling us and trying to help out! It’s great! Last night they, the Sphinx, brought us Steak!! SO GOOD!!!!!! The ward is pretty tight!

We were over at out ward mission leader’s house for dinner the other night and he goes, hey Burnett, what you want to drink? I go GIVE ME A BUDLIGHT!!!!! And him and his wife just stopped and looked at me!! SO FUNNY and AWKARD!!!! Then I said just kidding!! BUT IT WAS FUNNY!! Then Elder Motua, goes man, that joke was awesome Burnett! HAHA! But it was good! Pretty funny though!!!!!
I miss you all but I know the Lord is going to bless me for my work! I am glad for the calling to serve and the love that I feel from you guys!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE!!

Whit -Love you! I am so SO, SO, sorry about missing Luke’s b-day! I wish you would of told me! Kinda makes me bad but I am going to try to get him something in the mail!

Ash - I FREAKING MISS YOU SO MUCH!! You are so TIGHT! I love you! Everyone out here thinks you are so tight!! They all know Ashley!! haha!

Britt - My baby! Oh, I love you! You are the most amazing thing ever! Thanks for your love and support! We can do this! xoxo

Paul-Love ya man!



JP-Love ya!

Sukhan-LOVE YA!

I LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!! I wish ya’ll could see me out here!
My knee is getting better, today it’s kinda bugging but the stuff I have been doing has been making it stronger, so it’s all good!

THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! I know it is! EVERYONE READ AND PRAY EVERYDAY!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya’ll.

Elder Taylor Burnett!

2/26/08: Hey!

Hey Family and Loved ones -

How is everyone? Hope all is well and that everyone is doing okay!
Well things are going well here! Last week was really hard and slow! We didn’t teach much and just had a hard week! Thursday was TERRIBLE!! So bad, it was 25 F out, wind blowing HARD, and we were out in it all day from 10:30-9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND We didn’t teach a single person, we walked all the way down from 72nd to 12th!!! But it was good, you just gotta laugh at it and have fun because if not it will be the worst day of you life, and it was but who knows something good will come of it! It’s all about your faith!!! We have four people who are going to get baptized here with in the next couple weeks! IT’S SO COOL!!!! Its amazing to see the gospel and how it can change peoples lives! Two of the people are Jim Curtis, he is 72, and Mrs. Curtis, she is 60! THEY ARE SO FUNNY! We found them when we were knocking doors! They love the church! She loves us, she is so happy every time we come over, so happy! She told us yesterday that she has never been this happy in her life and wants to get baptized! SO COOL!!! She was asking us about our families and if we had girlfriends and I told her about Britt and showed her a picture of Brittany on my camera. Oh, she just went on and on for about five minutes, how pretty she was and all this! It was funny. I said, “Yup, that is my Brittany. She is my everything.” It was so cute! She is kinda like mom, just really nice, talks to everyone, her best friend work at CVS. So things are going well! It is starting to warm up, well, today it’s 30 but tomorrow it is supposed to be 65, I think! It’s crazy!!!!!

I am hoping we will have a good week this week! We should, we got a lot of people to teach, so I hope we do! Nothing really exciting is going on other then just working and trying to give myself to the Lord and let him make me into the missionary he wants me to be!
We got this cool thing set up where we are going to the high school and we teach kids on Wednesday from 1030-1! Which is really cool. We are way excited about that and hope some good things will come out of it!

I went to Lauren Nutttals little sister’s baptism on Saturday, it was really cool! I am glad we got to go! It was good to see Lauren and Taylor and meet the family! They are a really cool family! They have a really pretty home! So that was cool and fun!

My knee is getting better, still sore but not as bad, I have been wearing a brace and been doing stuff to get it better, we haven’t been biking as much because of the rain and then because my knee hurts to bad so its kinda had some time to heal and get better!

I know the church is true! It is so amazing having the spirit with me! I am so glad that I am out here to serve my Father in Heaven and my Savior! The Ensign for March IS AMAZING!!! We got it a week ago, and it is AMAZING!! I have all ready read the whole thing so EVERYONE READ IT, OKAY!?!? I am so thankful for the love and support that I have to be out here! I am so thankful for Brittany, that she supports me and has been by my side and loves me for me! She is such a blessing in my life and I cant wait to marry her! D&C- 103:12, that is it! Brittany is my blessing and I would not know where I would be without her! I love you Brittany!

Ash - Oh my love, Ash!!! Hope all is well! Didn’t get an email from you but guess you are busy! It’s all good! I love you do what’s right! I love you, I love you, I love you!

Whit - I got your card, thanks for that, (kinda gay with a whale) haha, but thanks! Tell Paul hi and I love him! Tell Tru and Luke I love them and that they are the coolest nephews ever!

I love the church! I love my Savior! I am so thankful for the power of prayer and the comfort that is brings to me!
I love you guys!

Elder Burnett

PS. JT - I hope you got my letter and that you are doing well! I am so excited that you are trying to go back out on a mission! The Lord needs your help, Justin! We need to bring people the truth and let them know of the joy it brings to our lives!! I LOVE YOU MAN!! I am so proud of you!

Dan - What up man?! Hope all is well! I hope you got my letter too, you are so tight man! I miss you! The church is true! I am so thankful for you and Justin for being my friends and helping me come on a mission! I love you Dan!!